Bye 2016
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Hi and assalamualaikum

yep people, tomorrow is a new year of 2017. It has been a long time since the last update. Excuse for my laziness.

2016. A lot of things happened. It was a happy beginning. Then. some things started changing. No. I think it is me who changed. During the middle or what-so-ever, my mental was kinda deteriorated. And to be truth, the negativity kills. Sometimes, this feeling of half-ass is sucks! It bothers me all the time. I hardly get passion in anything. But, of course, i was and am trying to stay positive. I'm trying to stay away from negative vibes by not stalking people. Not comparing me with other people. Do what I love. And a certain person helps me a lot.

2016- The last year i wear school uniform, attending high school. Last but not least and the biggest is SPM. Ahhahahahah. How i want to describe it huh? Indescribable. I was not doing really fine but the results were always satisfying me until the real exam. I screwed it. I can't even expect how many A's I will get including my always-A-subjects. I screwed it. I am not blabbing these for nothing, I AM a realist. I know that i should let it go and redha. In that case, I promised to make it up for my next education (?) Hahahah maybe in form 6.

2016. What else? Ah, A million thank you to people in my live. My family, my friends, my classmates, my schoolmates, my soulmate eh And the most greatest grateful to Allah. I experience a lot both in positive and negative ways. I learned and still learning to improve myself. Dear you guys, thanks. It is just a word because I am really sucks to express my feelings to others. Sorry. Sorry because you guys still be friend with me even tho I think I don't really deserve it. *Sorry, my sentence structures were like keling 

2016. Goodbye.

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