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assalamualaikum and hi !

((wanna write in english today. sorry in advance for the many mistakes))

[you can skip this paragraph. it is unrelated and a little bit immature] before we go to the main title, i just want to write happened today (2/12/15) as a memory for me later because something happened for the first time in my life today. actually, today is the first time i got my x-ray examination (mouth and head). hahah.. nothing to boast but.... ( i know it's immature) it was one of the procedures before wearing braces  . and my next appointment is this monday. just now (yeah just now) i read this. it gave me a scarier feelings. i knew it hurts, but looking the pictures, i'm speechless. According to that blog, it may take two steps before wearing braces. I doubt if i'll be totally fine. Let's just wait until the next appointment. Getting scared ceaselessly will change nothing. Before i forget, today is mama 2015. frankly speaking, i'm not that excited than last year. i'm feeling natural and nothing extraordinary. i support exo, but i'm doing nothing- i don't vote for anyone.

Vs Arashi is like a japanese variety show that hosted by arashi. at first i thought that show was hosted by random people or a group of hosts that called arashi. hahah. then, i googled it and tadaa- arashi is like exo; a group of idol who sing and dance. jpop? hmmm.. yeah (?) I don't really know how to put it in words. google it yourself if you want to know. my english usage is limited so i hope you can understand my simple childish words. this variety show is only held in studio (indoor). They play games with the guest. I mean guests vs arashi in games.

i know this show because of haruma miura. on a fortunate night, i found a vid that haruma in variety show which called vs arashi with english sub. it is so hard to find japanese variety show with engsub. my only source, i think it is only youtube. even though i felt a lil bit upset but i'm thankful. it's better less than none. when the first time i watched vs arashi, i felt relieved when i saw matsumoto jun. he's the only person that i already know in that show (beside haruma. haruma was a guest) I thought matsujun was only an actor, i don't expect him to be an idol.

after watching a few of vs arashi, finally i can recognize their faces and names (though it is not all their full names.) Start with the leader; Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai sho, Matsumoto jun, misaki aiba and ninomiya. tbh, i;m not very sure which one is their real name and family name (like haruma miura) so i just addressed them like 'heaven-voice' called them. 'heaven-voice' is a commentator in vs arashi. and in that one episode, i finally get to know his face lol. he's more handsome and look younger than i expected. (how should i just know about him through his voice -.-)

my imperessionof arashi. (i ranked them personally and bias)

from left:ohno,matsujun,nino,aiba,sakurai (idk which year this gif)

matsumoto jun
i think he is handsome and the visual of arashi. and he is also the maknae. i choose him as number one not because he is handsome but i know him first (through gokusen and hyd) than the rest of members. the first time i saw him, i think there is someone who is a malaysian actor resembles him (esp eyes and eyebrows) then i saw amar baharin on tv incidentally and i was like "yeah, he is the one who's being forgotten" lol,  in my opinion. he is cool and stylish. I like his eyebrows. his hairstyle always change which some i like it, some i don't. I think he does well as an actor and singer.but, i have read about his rumour with his patner in hyd. i think that is kind of..

dorky matsujun

sakurai sho
actually, he is also a number one like matsujun. he once appeared in vs arashi not as host but as guest with his solve the mystery after dinner team. because of that drama, i have taken a liking in him. i read/watched his facts and vids, all about him make me impressed. he is a rapper in arashi and he writes his own rapping lyrics.

sorry, i don't remember his full name. i think he is also handsome after matsujun. his character is funny and he likes to wear weird/funny/cute clothes in vs arashi. that's make him more interesting.

misaki aiba
i think his voice is different from the others (i think you'll know what i'm saying if you hear his voice), that's why i can recognize him easier. in one episode vs arashi, i think he is really good with children.

the leader, ohno satoshi.
i dunno why, but he seems not very friendly and bright like the others. he is also not always talking and tends to be more serious.. i think his singing is good. i don't watch his acting yet, so i dunno. i hope i can find more interesting side of him and like him more.

see, he can smile cutely. i'm sure i'll like him more if i know and see many sides of him

overall, i think arashi is an amazing and talented group idol. their friendship and group age is more than 15 years since they debuted in 1999 (i supposed, same age as me?)  which i really really impressed. They have shared and through a lot of things for more than 15 years. Sometimes, i think they are not really aging, everyone look same. I wish i can meet them before they get married. hahha. yeah, they are old folk compare to me. that is why i've given up on them and focused to the younger one like haruma and yamaken lol. but haruma and i are 9 years difference-age

watching them in stage (when they sing and dance) make me realized the differences between them and k-idol (in general). first, kpop : every members has their own solo parts & sing together. arashi : 2 or 3 members sing at the same part & sing together & one member solo part. Second their dance. i think k-idol's dance is more sharper than arashi. i dunno if  it was age factor lol. arashi's effort is appreciated. and i think their voices blended well.

so far, their songs that i like (all of them are ost) are:
-wish (op hyd)
-love so sweet (op hyd2)
-meikyuu love song (ost solve the mystery after dinner)

for vs arashi, i suggest to watch them with the high views at youtube.  i think it's the easiest way to find more interesting and funnier episodes. my fav that i have watched (with engsub ofc)  are - ( i only listed the guest)

-boku no ita jikan (there's haruma)
-you taught me all the precious thing (there's haruma)
-team middle school champion (that girl reaction is funny)
-actor child (the man-lady guest was funny)
-last hope (misaki aiba was a guest)
-solve the mystery after dinner (sakurai sho was a guest)
-special : bet de arashi

i think that's all. i can't remember everything, right?


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