Tagging Question
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Assalamualaikum and hi

thank you to liyana for tagging me ! /bow/

One word to describe :-

1) thing to bring for a perfect holiday.
+ Camera (or smartphone camera.)

2) celebrity that you like the most (state her/his name)
+ Special. Haruma Miura. ( i dont really have one and it's always changing but he is the latest. hahah)

kazehaya shota, haruma miura, and kimi ni todoke image
i rly like his hair during kimi ni todoke and bloody monday. his smile is the best!

3) person that you want to meet in the future.
+ myself  (is this counted?)

4) taste of your favourite food.
+ delicious (i dont really have the fav one. i like anything delicious that really suited my taste)

5) Yourself when you are sad.
+ Negative.

6) Yourself when you are mad.
+ Irritated.

7) Your own blog.
+ Ordinary.

8) Your favourite colour. (state the colour too)
+ Random. (i dont really have one. it depends on mood, situation and things. Example; i like white. but i don't like white stuff like clothes/shoes because they're easily getting dirty)

That's all. Sorry for any mistakes.



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