From universe to me
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sun: what makes you feel like you?

+ when im am alone, when i am doing something i love.

moon: do you have problem with trust?

+i guess. i donno. when i am unable to tell everything to other person, isn't thats mean i don't trust them enough ?

rising: how/what do people say you come off as?


midheven: what do you want to be when you grow up ?

+i want to be successful, have a lot of money (lol) and be kind towards others without being so calculative or judging,

venus: do you flirt more knowingly or unknowingly ?

+i think, knowingly

mars: when the last time you got mad and why?


mercury: who's your go-to-person to talk when you need to talk?

+usually i will keep it all to  myself. depends on topic if i need some help.

jupiter: when was the last time you got lucky?

+during the spm results were announced. even if my result was so-so but i felt lucky, thinking my playful attitude during the whole year and last minute effort.

saturn: what are you the weakest and strongest at?

+weakest at my own self confidence, skill communicating which leading to dealing with people. strongest at comforting and enjoying myself alone.

uranus: are you rebellious and do you act upon it frequently ?

+ no, im not allowed to do so. instead rebel, im more to childish (read:useless) which no match with my age and makes people annoyed. lol

neptune: what was your best dream and why/

+dream in sleep? i dont remember them.

pluto: what is your biggest aspiration and why ?

+ Not sure, but I have one, maybe few.

lilith: what's your biggest turn on in someone?

+ effort, firmness. When someone do something with their full-hearted

aries: what's your favorite sport to play?

+ sleeping. w-wait hahaha maybe netball.

taurus: are you a cat or dog person?

+ for our common sense, cat person is the type who is following people around. while dog person is someone who is loyal. Then, i think that i'm both and a bit more dog hoho

gemini : are you introverted or extroverted ?

+ introverted for sure. i need my own space and time alone as much as i need oxygen.

cancer : when was the last time you cried and why?

+ A few days ago. Because of myself, my own insecurities, the self-inferior feeling. It's suck!


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