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assalamualaikum and hi

for school, there will always be many homework to be done. tbh, i think,the time is enough to do all the homework but the problem is i don't have a suitable time to do revision and notes for form four lessons. i am exhausted enough with homework, house chores and prefect job. and i just started tuition today. i know. i don't want that to be excuses. complaining is pointless, i know. also, i want to prove that i still can do everything well even if i have various issues ; e.g: some people resigned to be a prefect because they wanted to focus in study. i want to prove that i can manage every responsibility that has given to me and  i still excellence in my studies. well, it's like that. i need to do a lot of effort and sacrifice a lot.

no sacrifice, no victory

i'm actually working on a post that still in draft. i wanted to publish it,but this laptop can't open my source of images properly and the advertisement  was always popping out. it's the same if i want to search information for my study, some of the site loading slowly and sometimes i can't open them. and that's why in this post, there will be even no a single image. the post is nothing special, just a list of j-dramas that i watched during holiday plus my thought about those. so, i'll publish the post if everything is fine and settled.

never give up on something you really want. it's difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret,

finally,two days ago i had my braces on my teeth after three years waiting.. hahahah. when they installing the braces, it was not really painful. maybe it was because of the anesthetic. it was just my mouth felt numb because i had to open my mouth for a long time.  after a few hours, the anesthetic effect went down and i started feel the pain. first month of wearing braces, like the others i have to eat porridge and mild food. i thought, this is a good time to lose some weight. insyaaAllah, that will happen. Today, the third day, the pain is reducing. i really want time to fly fast, so that i will not feel pain anymore and can eat my favourite foods and finally my teeth will be beautiful , but i need to study for spm and thinking of that, i wish time will be longer. i am so in dilemma. ~.~

to be successful, you must decide exactly what you want to accomplish, then resolve to pay the price to get it.


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