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Assalamualaikum and hi

Tokyo DOGS

I want to watch something like solve the mystery after dinner then i found this drama. The genre is police, crime, romance and comedy.What make me happier was the drama was lead by two actors from hana kimi; oguri shun as sou and hiro mizushima as maruo. usually i dun care about the actress.This story-line drama is quite good. The past, the secret were explained in general and easy to understand. i definitely like oguri shun's gentle and soft voice (like in hyd) for hiro mizushima, i like his appearance better in hana kimi which his face was clean. i think hiro mizushima played funny character very well and it suited him.

Q10 (kyuuto)

This drama is mainly about a high school boy has fallen in love with a robot. I watched this because of this. I found that it's funny and because there was satoh takeru as main character, heita. What i like the best was his reaction was very dramatic and funny. There was also a girl who i knew from the queen's classroom. She played as a person who knows the reason why kyuuto was sent there. She's grown beautifully more and more. People said it's kind of sad. Hmm.. instead of sad, i was confused. Some of the words and explanation and the story line were quite hard to understand for me. I couldn't fully understand the hidden message. Especially maybe the last episode. Like why they must forget about kyuuto, and the contains of the letter from future. Overall, this drama is okay.

Bitter blood

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Finally, i watched this drama. This drama also known as partner by blood. The opening was very cool. i never get bored watching it. The genre is drama, mystery and comedy. Again, satoh takeru is the main actor with his father in that drama, huhu i dunno his name. I really like son-father in this drama. You know, it was so cute and funny. This drama was relaxing added with a bit suspense and romance. My favourite episode is eps 2 and 6. This is a great drama.

Shitsuren chocolatier

Shitsuren is heartbroken. if i'm not mistake. During my time at my gramps' house for a week, i don't watch online drama coz the internet is super duper slow. So, i just watched tv and following tersuka tanpa sengaja. Watching amar baharin make me miss matsujun /puke/ ahhhah. then, i realized kiko mizuhara was also there. well, this drama has a few more of 18+ scenes. watching this make me complaints all the time. i couldn't agree with their (the characters) perspectives. Maybe the exceptional is kaoruko inoue, i kinda like her a bit.The ending was unexpected but it was satisfying.

Seigi no mikata

Aka ally of justice. It was about two sisters, the older sister (played by yu yamada, shun oguri's wife) was a kind of devil and the younger sister always be her victim. I'll call the younger sister as kumako (there was a story behind it) since i forget her name. Hmm.. her older sister was indeed  has a wicked personality with a very beautiful face but somehow at the end, her sister's wickedness brought fortune to other people and she was called as an ally of justice.The story about kumako and her sister was extremely interesting with how kumako had to do for her sister; do this do that, helping her sister get married in order to free from her sister. well, you'll know if you watch this drama. But, my most favourite part was the relationship between kumako and the most popular and handsome guy in her school, okomoto riku. It was just, so cute, funny and sweet. The first time i saw riku, wow this guy was so ikemen, slender, tall and i think i know him at somewhere. ofc, not in reality, but actually in attack on titan, he played as armin  Each episode, i was so looking forward to watch their moments. I really really recommend this.

Yankee-kun to megane chan.

yankee is yankee, you know right? Megane is someone who is eye glasses. Thanks to kanata hongo (riku) i watched this interesting drama. He was not the main but narimiya hiroki. it was unexpected but i really want to watch narimiya hiroki's drama since i really like him in bloody monday. okay so, this drama is related with yankee, high school life, friendship and so on. This megane chan, adachi hana at first seemed like ordinary, nerd (but she's not that smart and always got one digit in her exam marks), full spirited,persistent, don't have common sense. but she was actually a former yankee who's trying to move on. i like this character. yeah, maybe she's kinda annoying but it is a need a character like her in this real world. if not people will live in ignorant, i think. Yankee kun is shinagawa daichi. he was indeed not a bad guy. plus, i think i can understand him especially why he suddenly ignore his study and his wish to become a doctor. i can related with that, but in this drama that was misunderstanding. kanata hongo played as gaku izumi and he wears glasses and he's still looking good. serious talk he was so annoying and arrogant in that one episode. hahah.

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