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Hello and assalamualaikum

i'm back. yes. walaupun last post hari tu kata nak merajinkan diri untuk meng-update. tapi. bukan malas tapi laptop yang aku guna (my mom's) agak rosak dan ia mematikan mood untuk menulis walaupun ada banyak sangat yang aku nak tulis. hahahah. so, let's start it. even aku rasa akan ada benda yang tertinggal lepas post ni di-publish. ngahngah sorry in advance because my manglish (and english) gotten worse.

actually kan, from the very start beginning aku tak rasa pun yg exam akhir tahun ni penentu apa-apa. alah, spm lagi penting. kalau ada yang gagal pun takpe. ada masa lagi. - a thought before the exam. pastu my mom cakap, buat betul-ii, nanti tahun depan boleh dapat anugerah. Gosh, aku betul-ii lupa tahun depan adalah peluang terakhir yang mungkin untuk aku terima anugerah. So, it was like that. tapi, aku still study last minit, sama macam exam-ii sebelum yang aku dah amalkan sejak berzaman. i did realize that, it actually didn't work to do like that, when you enter high school esp those who will be sitting for important exam. dulu time sekolah rendah boleh lah, sikit je nak hafal. ni aku dah form4 ni, too many that need to memorize. dan sebab ia terlalu banyak, amalan studi last minute langsung tak membantu.

Semua result dah keluar dah kat saps. i dunno what to say. takde la teruk sangat. sama je cam dulu. Tapi kan, kalaulah, aku study properly, i guess i can make my marks better. pray for me!

p/s: history in my life; my math marks are higher than agama's. all this time, i thought math is my-never-A-subject but i did it T^T i mean my past marks (since f4) were B+ and C+. congrats, myself!

sejak minggu exam lagi, aku start tengok jdrama. time tu aku tengok ghost friend. aku tengok citer tu sebab youtube yang suggest-kan. hahha. well, not bad. lepas habis exam, aku tengok apa eh? i don't remember it accordingly. ah, sebelum tu, bebrapa bulan sebelum exam, aku tengok kimi ni todoke movie. bagi aku, kimi ni todoke movie and anime bestnya tahap yang sama, cuma anime lebih banyak funny moment. AND I"M TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THE MAIN MALE CHARACTER ESPECIALLY HIS SMILE AND HIS EYE SMILE. hahaha,, let's stop here, i'll continue talking bout him maybe in the  next post. if i don't stop now, who knows what will happen to me otl.

if i remember correctly, firstly, i watched boku no ita jikan (the hours of my life) the genre is melodrama. btw, he hero and heroin are the same person as in kimi ni todoke. The ost also, i love it especially harukaze and another one, i forgot the title.  The drama is very very touching and inspiring. I recommend this. i give it 5/5 star.

at first i wanna watch bloody monday because of this. actually, i was mistaken about the drama title, i thought the vid is from bloody monday. then, i searched it on youtube. Without thinking and read the title carefully, i immediately clicked on the first vid on the list. this is why i ended up watching samurai high school. This drama is a bit comedy one. The main actor leads a role as sassy high schooler who possessed by samurai, his ancestor. it's only have 9 episodes. overall, it's a good drama. i also recommend this.

at last, i watched bloody monday. It has 2 seasons. Bloody monday is actually an adaption from a manga.This drama is about a genius hacker and third-i againts terrorist attack. It's really exciting, thrilling and daebak. I was full of mixed feelings. My fav characters is fujimaru, maya and J.The ost from s1 and s2 were the best and fit well with the situations. I really really love the story line and ost and the characters. Also, I really really recommend this. However, the dramas isn't really completed because in manga, there are 3 seasons. But, it still enjoying to watch bloody monday.

just enjoy his smile

after that i watched gokusen. It has 3 seasons and it also an adaption from a manga. It's about a female teacher who is actually a yakuza's granddaughter handles her delinquent students. I almost finishing the s3 but, i think s1 and the ending is the best! That's all because shin. hahahah. It's a good drama and if you want, you should give it a try. I recommend this. btw, this drama was about 10-13 years ago. So, in reality they kind of  'old' people right now. huhuhu

the reason why i still haven't finish gokusen s3 is because i watched hana yori dango. The previous dramas were lacking sweet-romantic-love scenes and moments. That's why i decided to watch hyd. plus it's because shin and main character in hdy was the same actor. well, it's okay and i don't watch boys over flower (korean). this is unrelated but, hanazawa rui (hdy) and ji hoo (bof) are handsome. lol. Tsukasa in hdy has cute sides and i love it how he madly in love with Tsukishi. ahhaha.

every dramas stated except hdy, there was that actor that i love. he is haruma miura. i'm not biased but haruma is really a good and talented actor. he have been in numerous dramas, movies with variety genres. he plays the characters amazingly and splendidly. all the dramas stated, you can find more information about it via wiki or other sources. i'm too lazy to explain them in details.

For korean dramas, currently, i'm watching the village: achiara and the times we were in love.


Alright, i think that's all for now. Sorry again for my manglish and english. i really don't have confidence in writing in english. but somehow, i found that sometimes, I'm more comfortable expressing my thoughts using english language even though i'm using it brokenly. lol. i'll try to study harder. p/s: i draft this entry for a week and three days. and yesterday,i just came home after had a family day with my mom's pbsm buddies in her school at mersing. and i met handsome guy in the swimming pool. lol. but, i heard my bro asked his age and i found out that he's actually two years younger than me. hahahh. what a pity, i'm not interested in younger guy but he is handsome, one of the perfect visual for malay boy. bye.

Adios. Oyasumi.

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