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Don't you say you understand if you never feel it - nsu


idk why, aku rasa miserable sangat. rasa tak tenang. ada je yang tak kena berlaku. careless. entah dah berapa kali aku kecuaian aku diserlahkan. semua perkara yang membuat aku rasa teruk, asyik terjadi aje. kadang-kadang benci dengan sikap pasif terlebih yang ada dalam diri ni.i wish i could be more bright. tapi rasa susah nak ubah diri ke arah tu.


i'm human. tipu sangat kalau aku kata aku tak terasa. tapi mulut ni akan sentiasa menipu. aku perasan semua tu. the body language. aku faham. tapi aku diam. neglect in the most polite. There's no words but that silent body language it tells everything. I know lah, i'm not talkative or giler-giler like others. i'm sorry but i've lost my sense of humor. i can't make people laugh. i'm not blaming you. maybe we're just stranger that always together. act, there's many things i want to talk to you, but it's just stuck in my head.


i've been wondering about judgemental and related matters. i don't care what people judge or talk about me. because they don't know what really happened. they can rate me as much as they want. then i've deep thought and act deep inside me, i care. a little. but i can still bears it b'cause they are just strangers who just passing by - in the future they will forget about me. we can't zip people's mouth right ?  And to be truth it's hurt, really painful when someone you love and trust judging you. it's like you've been stabbed again and again. I knew b'cause, i had been in that situation.

[tukar bahasa] aku pun judge orang - (( first impression tu kira judge ke ? )) tapi lepas tu, aku cuba fikirkan yang positif.

"manusia tak sempurna"

"setiap orang ada kebaikan dan keburukan tersendiri"

"mungkin ada sebab kenapa dia buat macam tu"

"aku harap dia sedar dan berubah"

manusia ni berbeza, so kita tak bolehlah nak pukul sama rata. Hidup ni ada benda baik dan buruk. Ada akal ? Buatlah pilihan yang terbaik. Memang betul keadaan sekeliling memang kuat pengaruhnya. tapi, tetapkan hati dan iman. appreciate your life and sometimes you should put yourself in others shoes, it makes you more humane.


i just want to make something clear about me and kpop. act, i prefer to use korea song more than kpop. Idk why. and i'm not call myself as kpoper. i am fangirl. i am just a girl who likes korea song and the k-idols too. korea song and the k-idol is just one of my interests. i mean ; yeah i admit, at first i am crazy about them. but it's normal right ? when you with something or someone you love ? i'm like that too when it comes to novel, anime, manga.

then about ' ship guy-guy '. this is all about my thoughts. i can't say every kpopers out there has a same thought with me. i'm not ship guy-guy and hope they get married. NO. hunhan, sekai and xiuhan are my favorite otp. not because i want them have a ghei relationship. i ship them because i adore their cute friendship. did you watched exo showtime ep 3 ? ((if i'm not mistaken)) when they buying chanyeol's presents. sekai buying together and their craziness make me ship them.

xiuhan, i ship them during exo showtime too. hunhan, i just love them. i just adore their friendship. that's all. i know there's a lot of fan especially non-muslim had wild imagination and made the indecent fanart and fanfic. i  hope they would stop. i'm sad knowing about that. and wonder how k-idol feels.

and i tried to reduce my addiction. my busy life as student and a sister help it to reduce itself. i can't stop listening to korean song. emm i just want to tell you why i prefer to listen korean song more than malay song because - i don't understand the song lol. good for me cause i won't be cheesy. maybe it's a cheesy song but because i don't understand at all, it's not cheesy. hahahh lol. kbye.

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forgive me; bahasa rojak, broken english everywhere.

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