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Thankyuu so much to lea for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It's an honour. This is my first time to be nominated into something like this. I'm so happy T.T /it's tears of happiness/ Tbh, i'm a little nervous because i must answer the questions in English. My English is bad :\ But, i'll try my best. With google translate help for sure. Lol. Before that, sorry if there is any broken english


1. For those who have less than 200 followers Bloglovin, this a great opportunity for small and new blogs to find new readers and connected to everyone in the blogging community !

2. If I've nominated you, all you have to do to receive the award is to follow me on Google Friend Connect ( GFC ) and then answer a few questions ! Make sure that when you nominate people you are following them and send them a message letting them know you have done so ( suggest at most 11 nominations ).

My answer to lea's question ;

1. Name three fun facts about yourself.
  • Sometimes I can laugh heartily and crazily non-stop about something. for more than 3-4 minutes ?
  • I love fashion but I'm myself is a terrorist fashion :3
  • I am unpredictable ? All my decision depends on the situation.
2. What's your favorite movie ?
  •  I love to watch movie but i don't really have favorite movie. But i'll choose three ; 3 idiot, twilight and harry potter.
3. If you sang in the shower, what's your favorite song ?
  • I don't sing in the shower ._. But, when i was little i always used to sing 'hoedown throwdown' and did the dance too lol.
4. What is your favorite quote and by whom ?
  • There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story - Frank Herbert
  • When you think about quitting, remember why you have held on for so long - don't know
  • The heart has its reasons which reason knows not - Blaise Pascal
5.What the weirdest thing you've ever eaten ?
  • These just happened a week ago at my cousin house; that's why remember it clearly. They bought 'nasi arab'. But i just ate the rice and the lamb. At the meantime, my aunt has made 'homemade' mushroom soup. So i was mix the rice and the mushroom soup and then eat them. It's yummy ~ i knew i weird
6. How have you changed the most since you were in high school ?
  • Idk. Only people around me can answer that, perhaps ? I feel the difference but i don't really know it.
7. If you could be anyone for a day, who ?
  • Fangirl answer; Luhan. Lol but i never think to be someone else. I'm satisfied with myself. You know, every single human in this world has their good and bad. No one life is always good and no one life is always bad. (Ahha, sorry if u dun understand)
8. What superpower would you want and would you use it for good or evil ?
  • I have think one but im not sure if it one of superpower or not - I just do the spell and people and even animals will obey my words. How ? D__O Is it too nonsense ? And of course I'll use it for good. But i'm unpredictable person, remember ? So... just see ya ! kidding im never be an evil
9. What is one thing you're passionate about ?
  • Urmmm........ Can I answer Exo ?
10. Your most memorable moment in 2013.
  • I've learned about something related to love, family, friends and myself too.
  • I know and fangirling Exo ! Hehe sorry i can't control the fangirl mood. 
  • My sis, Syafi was born into this world.
  • For holiday, i went to Cameron Highland and KidZania.

I tag ;

My questions ;

1. What would you do if you are in really mad or sad ?
2. Your full name and nickname and also your age.
3. Who is your best friend ? Describe her/him.
4. What other people do not know about you ?
5. What thing(s) that you always bringing it with you ?
6. What is your ideal wedding ?
7. Earphone or Headphone ? Why ?
8. What are the three most important thing that will pleased you ?
9. Do you always arguing / tiff with your siblings ?
10. Silver or Gold ? Why ?
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