Kpop Tag [2]
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What i talked about 'hiatus' last entry is such a lie. Lazy-virus-hormone is getting worst in my mind and body. Gomawo to frh for tagging me. I'm appreciate.

1) Post the rules
2) Answer the questions that the tagger asks you then make 11 new one
3) Tag 11 people and and link them to your post
4) Let them know that you tagged them.

1) Since when you became a kpopper ?
+ Early 2013.

2) Who is your ultimate bias now ?
+ Luhannie and Sehunie.

3) Why do you like him or her ?
  • Luhan - This kid can make anyone love him on first sight. What I most jealous with him is his face are not balance by his age lmao. He's so pure and i love everything about him
  • Sehun - This little brat too. He's such a charismatic and adorable maknae. He enjoys teasing his hyungs without guilty. Ahha his lips are sexy tho. And and his jawline, i'm envy
4) Put a flawless picture of your bias.

5) Put a derp picture of your bias.
+ I put gif instead pic. Funny pmsl

image image

6) Put a gif picture of your bias that you hate to see.

he's asking for double slap

7) Put a gif picture of your bias that turn you on

This ? Kekeke 

8) What is your most favorite kpop song ?
+ Too many to list. I'll state one ; First love-Hello Venus

9) What the couple you ship the most ? (boy-boy)
+ Sehun and Luhan (Hunhan). But Sekai and Xiuhan not bad too. *These is my observation through variety shows especially exo showtime.

10) Do you ship any girl-boy couple ?
+ Say N to the O. No, but idc bout those things. But big NO to exo members. I'm not ready yet to let them go.

11) Do you wish to go to Korea ? Why ?
+ Yes. Because i want to meet my bias. What a cliche. Act, Korea is a beautiful country. So I want to try and feel the experience at there.

My questions;

1.What fandom(s) you are ?
2. Your top three bias.
3. What k-group get you into kpop world ?
4. Favorite female/male solo k-singer.
5. Same fact(s) about you and your bias.
6. What the couple you ship the most ? Put your favorite gif of them.
7. Put a picture/gif of your bias in awkward situation.
8. Put a funny side picture/gif of your bias.
9. List three your favorite girl k-group.
10. If you meet your bias personally, what do you want to say to him/her ?
11. What your wish for your bias ?

I tagging ; Cute Agassi | Nan Lulu | Shuexo | Pyka | Dowifey | Fifi

I'm just tag randomly.  Feel free to take it or leave it ☆~(ゝ。∂)
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