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to be truth, i do not like any attention; even for good reason. i'm a type person who easily get shy. i get my nervousness easily and quickly especially when i have to public speaking. and then my hands will as cold as ice. lol and i love ask people to touch my cold hands. 

There's a wise word  " Sembunyikanlah kebaikanmu sebagaimana kamu sembunyikan keaibanmu " 
All of we do countless mistakes and sins right ? if possible, we want to hide them and stay as good person. so, just do the same ; hide your goodness. don't seek others praise. He knows. and you'll surely get the reward, insyaAllah.

p/s: i finish my asean quiz today. it's a relief it was done. and remember my chinese crush ? the one i told you he's look like luhan; i just want to say his voice is manlier than i thought lol. and pika said he's look like jongin. lol. before; sehun, luhan, onew, and now kai.. okeyy.. whatever. ahhh,, foggot, today i woke up with dried blood on the lips. it reminds me to kris XD

Jangan puji. Wanita itu halus hatinya. Percikan pujian mampu membunga rasa. Jiwa makin terjentik bila syaitan membisik bersama - Shujaei Kamal


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